The Revolve Certification Journey

Revolve certification is a process rather than a one-day check.  Not only do we check that you meet all the relevant legislative requirements, but we help you to improve your business and support you to embed a culture of continuous improvement.



When registering, we will ask you for your organisation's details and to agree to some statements. You will then fill out a self-assessment based on the entry stage standards. Answering ‘not met’ to any of the statements does not preclude you from registering, but gives us an idea of your level of compliance. We aim to have a mix of levels in the process at any one time.


There two main stages to the certification process are: Entry stage and Quality Improvement stage.

The main purpose of Entry stage is to check that your organisation is legally compliant and has assessed all risks.  It consists of 43 standards covering: trading standards, health and safety, product safety, governance, employment, and waste management. Passing Entry stage takes around two months. When your organisation starts the process it will receive an Entry stage assessment guide and a free health and safety audit from H&S management specialists. Entry stage ends with an assessment visit from your case manager.

The Quality Improvement stage is focused on embedding a culture of professionalism and continuous improvement.  This stage provides a broader assessment of your business than entry stage and then focuses on priority areas for improvement.  This process takes around six months from beginning to end. 

To achieve Revolve Certification your organisation must achieve both of the following:

  1. The EFQM 'Committed to Excellence' award, which is validated by Quality Scotland

Committed to Excellence is a Europe-wide awards scheme that will help your organisation develop and integrate a culture of continuous improvement. It focuses on priority areas of performance improvement that are relevant for re-use businesses. The process starts with a facilitated self-assessment carried out by your case manager, which will help you identify three areas for improvement within your business. Quality Scotland, the EFQM national partner in Scotland, provides the external validation that will check that you have worked through the process correctly and have made the improvements that you set out to.

  1. Participation in the Revolve retail programme and pass the Revolve retail audit

 The Revolve retail programme consists of training and professional support to help you maximise your retail potential. Our aim is to increase your footfall, customer spend and ultimately the number of items that you re-use.  You will attend visual merchandising and customer experience training as well as have access professional hands-on support.

If you have any questions about Revolve certification, please contact the Revolve Manager, 07860 187646 .

If you have specific questions about the registration process, please contact,  01786 239716.