Business who wants to become certified

Would you like to show your customers and partners how committed you are to quality?  Would you like to learn how to strengthen your business with streamlined processes, improved customer service and a committment to continuous improvement?

By earning the Revolve certification, and displaying the Revolve badge, you will be telling your customers that you are committed to quality and improvement.  Revolve certified businesses receive the following benefits:

  • Use of the Revolve brand supported by a Zero Waste Scotland communications and promotions campaign
  • Increased opportunities for contracts, funding and support from Zero Waste Scotland, Local Authorities, businesses and other funders and partners
  • Promotion of your business on the Revolve website and our social media channels

Going through the Revolve certification process will bring huge benefits to your organisation:

  • We provide you with all the information, support and advice that you need to meet all current legislative and trading standards guidelines
  • You will receive a health and safety audit that works with you to ensure best practice
  • We provide you with professional retail training and one to one support to make the most of your space.  Our aim is to maximise your potential, no matter how small your retail space
  • We support you to gain an externally validated, European wide quality standard - EFQM 'Committed to Excellence'
  • Best practice and knowledge sharing of over 40 other businesses going through the process
  • Access to our database of online templates and information as well as a dedicated case manager to support your journey

Want to find out more detail about the process? 

More info on the accreditation process can be found here.

Ready to sign up?

To show your interest please email Pauline Knox at

What next?

We will confirm eligibility* and invite you to the next induction session on which is planned for July 2017.  Here, you will receive your certification guide and meet other like-minded businesses, starting their certification journey.

*We currentlty accept 
non-profit distributing organisations in Scotland that are involved in re-use activities.  If you are a private or public sector businesses interested in certification, please contact us to discuss it further.

If you have any questions about joining then please contact or  use the contact form.